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Extended Warranties


We currently offer our customers the option to purchase extended warranties on all domestic appliances and televisions. This service is provided by retracare warranties. We offer this service through our website as well as over the phone. The price you see is the price you pay. These prices are updated on a monthly basis as and when required.

We offer warranties on all products up to 5 years. The extended warranty service includes your standard manufacturer warranty period so for instance, if you purchase a washing machine with a manufacturer guarantee of two years and wanted to extend this to five, you would pay for three additional years on top of the original guarantee period. 

The fee for extended warranties varies dependent upon the product and the purchase price. You can extend the warranty on your product within the first 30 days orf purchase. If you would like to take out a extended warranty please select from the options at checkout or alternatively you can contact us directly on 01691 624427 or

Who Are retracare?

retracare is an established provider of extended warranty plans. We supply direct to the retailer (Barlows Electrical), who will then provide to you, the Customer. retracare are proud to be the commercial trading arm of retra (Radio, Electrical & Television Retailers Association), the UK’s leading trade association for independent electrical retailers and servicing organisations. Our association with retra means that all of the retailers and engineers associated with retracare’s plans have been approved as members of the association and are therefore bound by our Code of Conduct.

Your care Plan Adviser’s Details:


Retra House

St John’s Terrace

1 Ampthill Street


MK42 9EY

Tel: 01234 245900

Fax: 01234 245901



The Care Plan

This plan is a contract between you and us. The following elements form the contract between you and us, please read them and keep them safe:

  • Your plan booklet
  • Information contained on your application form
  • Your schedule
  • Any changes to your plan contained in notices issued by us

In return for you paying your plan fee, we will provide the cover shown on your schedule included in the terms and conditions of the plan for events happening during the period of cover. Our provision of cover under this plan is conditional upon you observing and fulfilling the terms, provisions, and conditions of this plan.

Information & Changes We Need to Know About

You must take reasonable care to provide complete and accurate answers to the questions we ask when you take out or make changes to your plan. Please contact retracare immediately if there are any changes to the information set out in the application form or on your schedule.

You must also tell retracare immediately about the following changes:

  • You no longer own the item
  • Any change to the plan holder’s details
  • You change your address
  • You change your bank account details

If you are in any doubt, please contact retracare on 01234 245900. When you inform retracare of a change we will tell you if this affects your plan. For example, whether we are able to accept the change and if so, whether the change will result in revised terms and/or plan fee being applied to your plan. If you do not inform us about a change it may affect any claim you make. If the information provided by you is not complete and accurate we may cancel your plan and refuse to pay any claim or we may not pay any claim in full or the extent of the cover may be affected.

Changes to Your Plan

We may at any time make changes to:

  • Your plan cover and /or terms and conditions to reflect changes (affecting us or your plan) in the law or regulation or the interpretation of law or regulation, or changes in taxation
  • Your plan cover and/or terms and conditions to reflect decisions or recommendations of an Ombudsman, regulator or similar person, or any code of practice, with which we intend to comply
  • Your plan cover and/or terms and conditions, in order to make them clearer and fairer to you or to rectify any mistakes that may be discovered in due course.

Any changes made under this section will be notified to you in writing at least 30 days in advance. There is no minimum period between changes we make under this section.

Consumer Terms & Conditions

(retracare Protect Service Plan)


If your equipment suffers either: If your equipment suffers a mechanical or electrical breakdown outside the supplier’s or manufacturer’s guarantee period; and the retra customer services team are not able to resolve the problem we will, in our discretion, decide whether to approve a repair, and then pay for the parts and labour cost of such repair, or may replace or pay the cost of replacing your equipment, in each case subject to the terms and conditions below. 

Terms & Conditions General

  1. There are NO limits to the number of repairs to your equipment which can be approved during the period of your plan
  2. Repair work authorised by retra will be carried out during our repairers’ normal working hours only, which are typically Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm
  3. Applications for repairs of equipment will only be considered where the equipment is no longer covered by any manufacturers or repairer’s guarantee for call-out and labour charges
  4. You must operate your equipment in line with the manufacturer’s instructions at ALL times and must not modify in any way
  5. Your equipment must not have been lost, stolen, misused, neglected, poorly installed, subject to malicious damage, or damage caused by fire, explosion, floods, lightning, storms, frost or other bad weather conditions, rust, corrosion or water
  6. Your equipment must not be subject to a current recall
  7. Your equipment must be used in a domestic environment ONLY. Equipment used in a non-domestic or commercial environment must be subject to our prior approval in writing
  8. Your equipment must be repaired within the United Kingdom, unless we agree otherwise in writing
  9. You are liable for the cost of repairs if there is no fault found with the equipment, or to the extent that it requires routine maintenance, cleaning, servicing, cosmetic repairs (e.g. damage to paintwork, dents or scratches) or where there is any problem with the supply of electricity, gas or water supply. You should always check your services before reporting any fault
  10. Payment will not be approved for costs arising from being unable to use your equipment (e.g. food spoilage) or for any other loss or damage not included under your plan benefits which arises from the breakdown of your equipment, including any costs to remove or reinstate built-in or fitted equipment
  11. If, when you require breakdown service, there is any other service agreement or an insurance plan under which you are entitled to claim, we may only pay an appropriate proportion
  12. We recommend you back up or store any data/files on a regular basis as we will not restore any data/files in the event of your product requiring a repair
  13. The plan does not include:
  • The failure of the equipment to operate correctly caused by the withdrawal of services by a third party software (including operating systems) loss or failure
  • Damage or failure of the equipment due to a software virus, the configuration of user settings
  • The process of backing up or recovery of data, loss, corruption or damage to data or operating system
  • Image retention on LCD screens, plasma or projection TV screens
  • Replacement of consumer durables within your product (e.g. batteries, light bulbs and fuses)
  • Accessories unless we agree otherwise in writing
  1. The failure of the product due to:
  • Neglect of equipment
  • Malicious damage deemed to be the cause of any malfunction
  • Intentional damage
  • Acts of undue care and attention
  • Portable electronic devices including but not limited to small televisions of 26” screen size and below, audio equipment, DVD players, are excluded from the retracare damage caused by accident clause
  1. Your product is not covered for damage caused by accident.


It is most important that any regular maintenance recommended by the Manufacturer is carried out particularly:

  1. Where gas appliances are concerned
  2. Defrost of refrigeration products including FROST FREE (such equipment) does occasionally ice-up
  3. Service wash in washing machines
  4. General maintenance, adjustments, resetting of controls, tuning, cleaning such as recording heads, soap dispensers, filters, refrigeration drain holes and the like. Rectifying or cleaning any blockages and damage caused by any foreign body or rust corrosion
  5. Accessories and cosmetic consumable items which are recognised as having a limited lifespan or service life. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Batteries
  • Styli
  • Light bulbs
  • Lamps of any description including those in projection products
  • Fluorescent tubes and related starters
  • Disposable bags, filters, brush bars, belts, leads, rewinds, plugs, terminal connections and computer software, gas burners, caps and knobs
  • Replacing flaps, drawers, shelves and linings in refrigeration products

Replacement Equipment

If a repair is approved, we may replace your equipment with new equipment of the same or similar make and specification, if we decide not to repair it. If we cannot reasonably arrange a replacement we may decide to pay you a contribution towards the cost of the new equipment, not exceeding the original purchase price of your product. When your equipment has been replaced under condition 1 or 2 above your plan will end immediately and you will not be entitled to a refund for any plan fee. In such cases the customer will be offered an updated Service plan details relevant to their new product. When your equipment has been replaced you will be responsible for disposing of the original equipment at your own cost if it remains in your possession. When your equipment has been replaced, you must also pay for any outstanding Service Plan fee instalments.

Cancellation & Termination

  1. Right to change your mind
    1. After you have purchased the plan from us, we will provide you with a certificate listing all of the terms and conditions, including any exclusions which may apply to your plan. If you have NOT received your retra documents within 28 days from the date of purchase of your plan, please write to retra at: retra House, St John’s Terrace, 1 Ampthill Street, Bedford, MK42 9EY or email us at:
    2. You have the right to change your mind and cancel the plan within the period of 45 days beginning with the day on which the plan is purchased. If you cancel the plan within this period you will receive a FULL refund provided that no claims have been made
  2. Right to cancel after 45 days
    1. After the 45-day period referred to above, you may cancel the plan at any time and, subject to paragraph 2 in this section below, you will receive a proportional refund based on the unexpired portion of the cover remaining under your plan
    2. Where we replace your product or compensate you for the total loss of your product, your cover and the retra service plan will automatically end and no refund will be given.
  3. How to cancel your plan. To cancel your plan, please call us on 01234 245900, Monday to Friday during office hours. You can also cancel by email to: or in writing to: retra House, St John’s Terrace, 1 Ampthill Road, Bedford, MK42 9EY. 4


retra’s Right to Terminate

retra may terminate your plan:

  1. At any time by giving you 14 days notice in writing to your last known address. A refund of the amount paid for the remaining full months of the plan will be given, provided that no claims have been made
  2. Immediately by giving written notice to you in the event that you fail to pay any plan fee within (14) days of the date when the plan fee falls due. 

Data Protection

We, at retra, take our obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 seriously and are committed to protecting your privacy. The personal data you provide to us will be held by retra Limited and may be shared within the retra group of companies. Your personal data will be use by us or by any member of the retra group of companies to administer the plan and to provide the services to you. This may mean that we have to disclose your personal information to our service engineers or agents for the purposes of fulfilling our obligations under the plan. We and our service engineers or agents may contact you in relation to your plan by mail, telephone or email. We will not share your personal data with any third parties for marketing purposes unless you have given us your permission to do so.

Exclusion of Third Party Rights

This retra plan is for the benefit of the retra plan holder only and any permitted transfer is at our discretion and no rights or benefits will be given to any other third party under the plan. The provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 will not apply.

Governing Law & Statutory Rights

We will communicate in English and English Law will apply to your plan. When you buy electrical equipment you will have various statutory rights that apply to the purchase. These include the right to claim for a repair or replacement for up to six years (five in Scotland) if your electrical goods were not of satisfactory quality or fit for their purpose when they were sold to you. However, after the first six months, you will have to prove that the goods had a fault when sold to you and this may involve having to take legal action against the seller. In practice, the manufacturer will usually deal with any reliability or quality issues during their guarantee period, and you should ensure that you are clear as to what the guarantee periods are. Nothing in these conditions will reduce or affect your statutory rights; for further information about your statutory rights contact your local authority Trading Standards Department or Citizens Advice Bureau.

Transferring Your Plan

Only with our permission can you transfer your plan to a new owner of the equipment by giving us written details of the new owner. Your plan cannot be transferred to any other equipment.


Retra reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of the plan in the event that there is a change in law or a change in regulation. Any variations will be notified to your last known address in writing.

Renewing Your retra Service Plan

At the end of your selected retra Service Plan, you will receive notice about renewing. Your renewal notice will show the amount to pay. You will need to make payment for the protection plan to continue. We reserve at our discretion the right not to offer you a renewal on your plan.

Other Providers & Insurance

The purchase of a retracare Service Plan is completely optional and a retracare Service Plan does not have to be purchased at the same time as the goods. You should be aware that extended warranties and other Service Plans are available from other high street outlets, insurance companies and other providers. Cover may also be available for limited periods on some appliances from your credit card provider. Some household contents care plan policies offer cover for accidental damage, fire or theft. You may, however, find that an excess is payable and a claim may affect the cost of subsequent premiums.

When Can I Buy a Plan?

You do not have to buy a plan when you buy your product. If you decide not to buy the plan when you buy your product, any quote we give you in writing will be available on the same terms and conditions for a further 30 days. Any offers, such as discounts and vouchers, which are linked to the purchase of the plan will also remain available for that period.

Meeting the Obligations Under Your Plan

The obligations under this plan are backed by assets held within a separate reserve claims bank account in the event we go out of business. N.B. Protection is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the plan. The retra service plan is provided by retracare Limited.

Registered Office:

Retra House

St. John’s Terrace

1 Ampthill Street


MK42 9EY

Registered in England and Wales

Company No. 2621451

Our Promise of Service

Our goal is to give excellent service to all our customers but we recognise that things do go wrong occasionally. We take all complaints we receive seriously and aim to resolve all our customers’ problems promptly. To ensure that we provide the kind of service you expect we welcome your feedback. We will record and analyse your comments to make sure we continually improve the service we offer.

What Will Happen if You Complain

  1. We will acknowledge your complaint promptly
  2. We aim to resolve all complaints as quickly as possible. Most of our customers’ concerns can be resolved quickly but occasionally more detailed enquiries are needed. If this is likely, we will contact you with an update within 10 working days of receipt and give you an expected date of response.

What to do if You Are Unhappy

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the handling of this care plan we would encourage you, in the first instance, to seek resolution by contacting us directly.